Our Services



The initial meeting includes a comprehensive clinical evaluation, including a complete diagnostic interview, a case formulation, and a treatment plan.  While this typically leads to treatment, at times we may refer our patients to a more specialized provider.  We are committed to working with only those patients we feel we can serve best, so if the primary problem falls outside of our expertise a targeted referral will be provided.


Our assessment includes a careful review of one’s medical history, including current and past illnesses as well as medication.  This often leads to working collaboratively with medical providers.  After obtaining consent, we will include primary care physicians, medical specialists, other therapists, as well as family members when appropriate.


Individual Therapy

Treatment typically consists of 1 or 2 weekly therapy session that are 45 to 60 minutes in duration.  Since CBT is focused and goal directed, therapeutic goals can often be accomplished in 8-16 visits.  When the presenting problem is long-standing or complicated by additional difficulties, treatment may take longer.  We will work together to clarify how our patients’ perceptions and reactions to their struggle may perpetuate their suffering.  We will then develop new ways to understand and respond to painful experiences and develop a model for a quieter and less “noisy” mind.  Much of our treatment includes exposure-based methods, coupled with acceptance and tolerance of painful experiences.  Together we move into value-based living with deeper meaning, insight, and self-compassion. 

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Telehealth has become a popular and widely used modality for psychological services.  It allows us to provide treatment in the privacy of your home rather than in the office, using your computer, tablet, or phone.  Many people find this option more convenient and comfortable.  Research has shown that treatment via telehealth is as effective as in-person treatment and often makes services more accessible to people who would otherwise not come to treatment.  It can be especially convenient to individuals who have a long commute, limited childcare, or generally feel more comfortable talking on their couch instead of ours.  We utilize a HIPAA-compliant video platform and can provide services to individuals residing in NJ, NY, and Florida.  


Clinical Consultation

Dr. Turovsky offers case consultation to both beginning and advanced clinicians.  These are available either in person, video, or telephone.


We offer ongoing supervision in cognitive-behavioral therapy to individuals and small groups. We teach an integrated CBT model that includes first, second, and third wave approaches.