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Vicky Risis, LSW

Vicky Risis is a licensed social worker with experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. She utilizes a caring and empathetic approach that includes a multi-faceted methodology to help her clients recognize and develop their personal strengths.

Throughout her career, Vicky has worked with individuals across the age spectrum, from pre-school-aged children at the Infant and Child Learning Center of Suny Downstate to adults who have experienced trauma. She has also spent time working in residential treatment settings, where she gained invaluable experience in developing individualized treatment plans and creating safe, supportive environments for her clients.

Vicky's approach is characterized by her genuine care and empathy for her clients, and her ability to tailor her techniques to meet their individual needs. By using a combination of evidence-based therapy (CBT) and creative modalities, Vicky helps her clients develop practical coping strategies that they can use to navigate the challenges of daily life. Through her work, Vicky strives to help her clients build a stronger sense of self and find greater peace and fulfillment in their lives.


NJ Lic. #44SL06367000

Vicky Risis


Vicky received her undergraduate degree in Art Therapy from Bowling Green University, where she developed a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of creative expression. She went on to pursue a Master's in Social Work from Case Western University, where she honed her clinical skills. Vicky then completed additional training and supervision in cognitive (CT) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to provide her clients with evidence-based care.

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